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Compliance, Corporate and Governance

We have relevant experience in national and international compliance matters, including development and enhancement of compliance programs, conducting internal investigations in multiple jurisdictions, assisting on due diligence of M&A operations, corporate acquisitions, and restructuring. Moreover, we lead negotiations with national and international state authorities for cooperation and leniency agreements, including those with multi-jurisdictional impacts.

We have a strong background in corporate and corporate governance advice for public and privately held companies, especially in the assessment and restructuring of corporate governance, implementing the best governance practices and robust and effective compliance programs.

Finally, we also advise our clients on business transactions, business entities, corporate structuring, and restructuring.

Criminal Corporate Law and White-collar Defense

We have experience in advising and defending individuals and corporate entities in criminal proceedings in Brazil and abroad. Our experience includes cases involving alleged violations of the Criminal Code (e.g. crimes against individuals, property, public administration, and justice), as well as cases concerning money laundering, financial crimes, environmental crimes, tax crimes, industrial property offenses, computer offenses, and cartel activity, amongst others.

We also represent individuals who are involved in investigations abroad, especially in the United States and individuals subjected to Brazilian state extradition suits, as well as foreign citizens and legal entities that have been subject to injunctive by the Brazilian Judiciary

In an advisory role, we prepare legal opinions involving criminal law and we also lead internal investigations in companies willing to identify potential frauds or violations of the FCPA, in cooperation with international firms.


We have solid experience in Construction Law, Contracts, and Projects. We advise sponsors, owners, contractor and subcontractors in all kinds of construction projects. We also have experience in Concessions, PPPs, and structured projects. We also assist lenders and creditors at all stages of financing and debt structuring.

Furthermore, we guide our clients through all types of administrative proceedings involving contracts with public entities and provide legal advice related to bidding procedures. We also assist our clients in dealing with regulatory agencies and other public entities, as well as representing them with legislative bodies.

Dispute Resolution

We have solid experience in complex commercial disputes in the oil and gas, construction, energy and natural resources sectors. We represent several clients in domestic and international arbitrations, as well as strategic litigation in civil, administrative, and criminal matters. Moreover, we have deep experience with cases that involve aspects of corruption, illegality, or other compliance issues related to the dispute.




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We strongly believe that as members of the legal profession we must also act to improve the rule of law and contribute to society. That is why we encourage volunteer work through a goal of annual pro bono hours for all attorneys in the office.




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